When you were in dental school, did you IMAGINE Owning Your Own Practice?

You wanted to be a doctor so that you could have your own practice.

You wanted to set your own hours.

You wanted to hire a team that aligned with your vision.

And yes, you wanted to make money.

You can have all of that — a lot faster than you thought was possible

Here are three signs that you are the PERFECT fit for Ultimate Startup Coaching

#1 You’re over feeling overwhelmed

You know that there’s a lot you don’t know about getting your startup planned and launched, and you’re ready to learn from people who have already figured it out.

#2 You’re ready to be supported by people who get it

It’s so motivating when you can talk to people who are also putting in the work and seeing results. You can lean on each other while you learn from the experts.

#3 You’re ready to be held accountable

Once you have the knowledge, the only thing holding you back is yourself. You know that sometimes you need deadlines and tough love to keep you moving forward.

We want to help you plan and launch your startup and grow the dental practice of your dreams

If you’re overwhelmed by everything that goes into planning your practice, you are not alone. We’ve seen far too many dentists lose the practice they could have built, because they didn’t have the right information.

We’ve seen them struggle to overcome a poorly-chosen location, overpay for equipment, and throw away thousands on ineffective marketing.

We’re here to change that.

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Ultimate Startup Coaching

Ultimate Startup Coaching is a 6-phase comprehensive coaching program where you’re going to learn everything you need to know to plan, launch, and grow your startup dental practice.
It’s designed to help you make the most important decisions in your career using proven frameworks, with personalized support and expert guidance every step of the way.

Over the course of the program, you’ll discover:

  • How to pick the right location for your startup
  • The design elements to consider for profitability, efficiency, and scalability
  • Where and how to spend your money before you open the doors so that you can sleep well at night
  • The decision frameworks to consider before your practice brings in revenue
  • The systems your practice needs to have in place even before you open the doors
  • What your numbers need to look like — and how to get there
  • How to run marketing campaigns that fill your chairs easily — without a crazy marketing budget
  • The critical, repeatable steps to building a team of leaders

Here’s a closer look at our 18-month curriculum

$12,997 Value !!!

Loan, Legal, and Location

In Phase I, you’ll get all of the training and education you need on every aspect of demographic analysis, legal setup, and loan application and selection so that you can make informed decisions with confidence. We’ll also cover everything you need to know about business plans, broker selection, pro-forma budgets, competition analysis, and location selection.

You’ll get regular coaching and guidance, plus access to mastermind calls with other dentists who can offer perspective and advice.

SPECIAL BONUS: You’ll also get a special invitation to our Breakaway Advanced Startup Seminar — a live, in-person event where you’ll supercharge your progress and move your business forward.

$17,870 Value!!!

Design and Equipment

In Phase 2, you’ll get in-depth education on Design and Equipment. We’ll show you how to evaluate contractor bids and architectural plans, how to keep your budget aligned with your goals, and how to get the equipment you need at the best possible price. We’ll cover floor plans, including designer selection and onsite measurements, and take the time to review your IT selection.

Of course, we’re here to coach you and answer questions in our regular calls, and to provide 1:1 support as it’s needed.

$16,953 Value!!!

Construction and Planning

Phase 3 focuses on Construction and Planning. Here, you’ll get our expert guidance through the permit process so that you don’t find yourself overwhelmed, stuck with fines, or surprised by unexpected fees. You’ll get step-by-step training on everything — from decor and fixtures through construction management and marketing, including how to leverage social media as you prepare for your soft opening.

SPECIAL BONUS: You’ll also get a special invitation to in-person our Breakaway Business Masters Seminar — a life-changing, career-defining in-person event where you’ll learn the core systems and processes your practice needs to be successful in a high-touch, highly supportive environment.

$14,953 Value!!!

Pre-Opening Setup

In Phase 4 you’ll shift to Pre-Opening Setup. You’ll get access to our proven systems and frameworks for hiring, training, and scheduling as you prepare to open your doors. We’ll walk you through the office setup, ensuring your final permits are all in place, and get your first patients scheduled, and you’ll delve into branding and pre-opening marketing.
You’ll have expert support throughout every part of the process, so you’ll know exactly what to expect as the big day arrives.

$14,953 Value!!!


As you prepare for your opening, you’ll work on your processes and design a curated patient experience. You’ll meet with our Startup Experts to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and you’ll have the coaching and support you need as you ramp up towards the big day.

SPECIAL BONUS: During Phase 5, you will get a custom-built startup marketing funnel so that you kick off your opening with a fully-booked schedule of patients.

$25,943 Value!!!


Once your doors are open, you’ll get the training you need to ensure maximum profitability from your work without exhausting yourself and your team. You’ll learn all of the systems, frameworks, and processes you need to run a successful dental practice and deliver an incredible patient experience from Day One.

Finally, your team will also get the hands-on support and training they need to support your vision and goals and work in alignment with your plan for growth.

The most successful startup dental practices are built by dentists who have learned how to make key decisions using proven frameworks.


Access to the Ultimate Startup Bootcamp Recordings

When you enroll by Friday at Midnight, we are granting you exclusive access to the recordings of the entire Ultimate Startup Bootcamp! 

Even if you miss any of the live sessions or want to revisit the valuable insights shared by Dr. Anissa Holmes and Dr. Scott Leune, worry not! You will have the opportunity to access the full recordings at your convenience.



Personal Equipment and Supplies Specialist

We believe in high-touch, personalized support that helps you maximize your budget, save time, and avoid costly mistakes.

$11,887 VALUE


Exclusive Access to the Dental Whale Purchasing Management System

You can’t open your practice without purchasing specialized equipment, and you will need to purchase supplies every single month for as long as you’re in business. Wouldn’t it be great to save up to 40% on the things you have to buy? That’s what we do through the Dental Whale Purchasing Management System.

$47,680 VALUE

The Dental Whale bonus alone will cover your entire investment in the program.

SECURE YOUR SPOT... Before Friday at Midnight!

TOTAL VALUE = OVER $147,197!

Get started for as low as $500/month



FREE Team Ticket to Breakaway Business Masters Seminar

So you can fast track the process of getting your startup opened and profitable all at one time!

$1,199 VALUE


 2nd Custom Built Marketing Funnel

To market your high value services, including implants, clear aligners, All on 4 and more without you having to hire a graphic designer or agency. Marketing made easy.

$5,000 VALUE

Enrolling in the program is simple

Step 1: Fill out some basic information and pay your non-refundable $500 application deposit.

Step 2: Apply for funding through our partner, OR choose the Pay-in-Full option.

Step 3: Choose your funding source, and make your first payment.


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